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Cyber-crime is increasing day by day which makes antivirus a basic need of your device. antivirus not provides security from viruses but also offers various advanced tools that can provide an extra layer of protection. It creates a security wall outside your device and that prevents dangerous threats like spyware, Trojans, adware, bots, etc from entering the device.

How to download Norton Internet Security Setup?

Norton com/setup offers real-time malware protection where it removes the virus before it occurs kind of damage to the device. It offers various security packages; choose a package that is compatible with your device and good for your pocket.

Things to review before using Setup with Product Key:

  • Your device is compatible with the Norton suite you are trying to download
  • Your device has enough free space to download Norton setup with Product key.
  • You don't have any other antivirus program installed in your system. If you have any antivirus or any other security software installed in your device then uninstall it before downloading Norton com Setup.
  • You don't have other Norton suite on your device.
  • You must update your OS and all other software before downloading Norton as sometimes outdated OS creates errors while installing the file.
  • Remove all junk files (temporary files, caches, cookies, history files, etc)

Here are the steps for downloading Norton:

  • Open your desktop
  • Go to the browser and search for
  • You will be redirected to a page
  • If you an existing Norton user then you can just log in with your Norton credentials
  • If you are a new user then follow the steps given below for creating Norton account:
  • Go to Norton com/setup
  • Click on the sign-in button
  • Go to create an account tab
  • Enter a valid email address to associate your Norton account
  • Create a password for your Norton account
  • Re-enter the password for confirmation (Remember your credentials for further need)
  • Choose your region
  • Select the language
  • Read the privacy policy carefully
  • Click on create account button
  • Now log in your Norton account
  • You will get a Download Norton button on your screen
  • Click on the button
  • A prompt will appear on the screen asking for entering the Norton.Com Setup Product Key
  • Enter Norton Product Key
  • Now hit the agree and download button
  • Click on the continue button
  • Choose the location where you want save Norton files
  • Tap OK button
  • The Norton setup will start downloading on your device
  • Wait for completing the download process

Steps for Norton Installation with Product Key

After downloading the Norton setup, you have to install it. Before installing makes sure that your device is fully compatible with Norton.
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